” Increase the value of your presence “

What are we all humans in the new economy and in the new era of life ? Just a living body or much more than that ! 

There’s a saying ,by Neil degrasse Tysonwe live in the kind of society where in almost all cases , hard work is rewarded”.

So, can we just take our time to sit and think and wonder ,do we humans have any value? yes , we have ! When our mind has the ability to think beyond imagination ,when we can work 24×2 hours , when we can discover ,invent and blow others mind etc ,Why won’t we have a value ? Definitely we do. But in this new economy , it doesn’t matters how many hours or days or months or even years , you’ve worked hard but what matters is how much value the result of your hard work have add to the world. The amount of money you’ll given for your work is the amount of hard work you’ve done . That’s why a surgeon is paid ten times more than a local shopkeeper.  The word money is nothing but it has just become a price symbol for how much ,we as single individuals has add  to this world.  

So,in order to be paid more money and to be given more value of your presence ,you must add more value to the world . And ,now if you think that you’ve been just careless with things you’ve done today ,yesterday and your work didn’t add any value to the world and you want to start right at the moment then the best way to begin adding value to the world is to start becoming more valuable person and more valuable with your actions . And , to start being more valuable person , read books which no one else is reading , try to see things which no one else is seeing , think thoughts which no one else is thinking . And ,  if you wanna have all those things you want in life but you don’t step forward for a change , you can’t get any of them ,if you remain the same person the next morning . 

To get more from life , you need to give more in life because what you invest is what you get . Therefore , don’t just live like you were living in the past , indeed step forward for a change in the future . Try to give more to the world and make life worth – living don’t just live for the shake . By practicing that every single day , you add more value to the world and automatically it’s going to give value of your presence.